Praying Pelican Missions

Compassion in Jesus's Name

The Counselor

3/15/2015 - 4/5/2015

Many times people would come to Jesus with a need.  Instead of immediately meeting that need, Jesus would often ask them probing questions that would force them to decide what they really believe.  Questions like: "Why are you so afraid," "Do you believe I can do this," "Do you want to get well," and "Why do you doubt?"  People think they need answers, but what they really need is a Counselor.


04/05/2015 The Counselor: Why Do You Doubt?
03/29/2015 The Counselor: Do You Want To Get Well?
03/22/2015 The Counselor: Do You Believe I Can Do This?
03/15/2015 The Counselor: Why Are You So Afraid?

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